1-InnoCERT Certification Process

The 1-InnoCERT certification process involves a two-stage assessment. Potential innovative companies are required to conduct an on-line self-assessment to gauge on their preparedness to be certified as a 1-InnoCERT company. Upon completing the self-assessment, the on-line system will generate a Technology Innovation System Evaluation Index, ranging from 0 to 1,000 scores. A scoring of higher than 700 is an indication that the company’s internal innovation system and processes are readied to comply with the requirement.

Companies with difficulties in scoring higher than 700 can attend regular sessions of pre-certification training to understand the 1-InnoCERT criteria, and how to become innovative. Upon reaching a score of more than 700, the company can apply for an on-site innovation audit to be conducted at their premise. On-site innovation audit is compulsory to ensure that companies applying for the 1-InnoCERT certifications are indeed innovative and complies with the requirement of the 1-InnoCERT criteria.

Upon a successful passing of the on-site audit, the company can then officially apply to be certified as a 1-InnoCERT certified company. However, the approval is still subject to acceptance by the approval committee, who oversees the overall program. Take note that minimal fees are chargeable for the 1-InnoCERT certification.